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Autographed 8×10 with Certificate of Authenticity

Purchase this Sidney Crosby Autographed Photo – 8×10 Pittsuburgh JSA

Here is a Sidney Crosby Autographed 8×10 Photo with the Pittsuburgh Penguins. This piece of memorabilia has been hand signed by Crosby and includes a Sports Memorabilia Certificate of Authenticity to prove it.

Little bit pricy but if you got the cash then it would make a nice addition to any Crosby collection.

Sidney Crosby Autographed Photo - 8x10 Pittsuburgh JSA)

. Purchase this Sidney Crosby Autographed Photo – 8×10 Pittsuburgh JSA

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  1. Sharon Giersch says:

    Go Sid, 60 plus goals this year you can do it.
    you have made me beging to LOVE the game of
    Hockey once again, thank you

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