Crosby Penguins Replica White Jersey

High quality semi-pro 550 series replica jersey from CCM®. Chest and shoulder crestsfeature a combination of embroidery and appliqué tackle twill.Other features include:
- Patented AIR-KNIT® 100% polyester (mid-weight version)
- Double shoulders with reinforced stitching on shoulders and armholes
- CCM®/NHL™ neck label
- CCM® embroidered patch on back neck & left sleeve
- NHL™ Puck embroidered patch on back hem
- Exclusive NHL™ Replica Jersey
- ‘CROSBY’ hand sewn tackle twill on mesh namebar on jersey back.
- ’87′ hand sewn in tackle twill on back and sleeves
- ‘A’ Assistant Captain hand sewn in tackle twill to front of jersey


Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins Replica White Jersey

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