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Sidney Crosby Pictures

Crosby with Brodeur

Thanks to all the fan feedback from??our site, we have??determined that our pictures section has become on of the hottest sections of the website. However??in an effort to make the site better we??need to??implment a better photo gallery section with the new site look and design but our exisiting one still exists …?? Click here to continue to the gallery section.

The Gallery place is a spot to??showcase photos of Sidney Crosby and other hockey superstars. It??also includes a feature that??allows you the fans to submit and share??your own photos of Crosby that we do not have on the site.

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Crosby shoots he ...

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  1. Alex Peppard says:

    :D stop saying he is cute you stalkers hehehehe :)

  2. Andrea K says:

    Sidney Crosby is just awesome. He’s great at hockey and he’s cute! so….yeah. but im not one of those creepy stalkers :) GO PENGUINS!!!

  3. kik says:

    i wish that creepy girls would get over themselves. yes he is amazing but get real. YOU WONT MARRY HIM. why not appreciate for what he does? i love him because of his amazing ability to play hockey. Not because he is “hot”. How superficial can girls get?

  4. Katie Yozenko says:

    Today is August 7, 2010; Happy Birthday Sidney

  5. Crosby lover 123 says:


  6. Grealey says:

    i thnkSidney Crosby is a great guy :D and Pitsbourgh is gunna go far with him on the team, as well as Malkin <3 :) :P ;)

  7. kayla says:

    i love Sidney Crosby, and he is going to be my futer husband<3333333333(;

  8. Erica says:

    I love sindey crosby he is so good and cute. he is amazing

  9. Brooke says:

    OMG !
    i absolutly love sidney crosby :)
    i watch every hockey game .
    he is sooooo amazing .

    beat those usa bumms please

  10. Carla says:

    I loves this section. Crosbys one of the best of our generation. He deserves to have as many sites dedicated to him as he does. Keep ‘er up by! GO CROSBY GO!!

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