Stanley Cup in Mario’s pool

We had some photos submitted to us recently revealing a real shin digg of a party at Mario Lemieux’s place where the Stanley Cup ended up going for a swim in the pool.?? And according to NHL Stanley Cup legends and past stories, it was not the first time that the Stanley Cup has been in Mario’s pool.


“So ??? how did Lord Stanley???s mug end up in the bottom of Mario???s pool? After the Pittsburgh Penguins??? first Cup win in 1991/1992, the team was invited back to Mario???s palatial home to celebrate. The house featured an in-ground swimming pool. The pool???s decorative highlight was a four-tier neon-lit waterfall. During the course of the party, Penguins goaltender Tom Barrasso climbed up the waterfall with the Cup, and had his photo taken. After much more of this, the Cup was left atop the waterfall and the party went on. Meanwhile, defenseman Phil Bourque, who had been enjoying a frosty alcoholic beverage or two, decided to scale the waterfall. According to legend, clad only in his underwear, Bourque lifted the Cup and hurled it into the pool, where it sank ignominiously to the bottom. Since that infamous day, the Cup travels with security escorts assigned by the NHL.”

[taken from 'Why Is the Stanley Cup in Mario Lemieux's Swimming Pool?: How Winners Celebrate With the World's Most Famous Cup' by Kevin Allen]

Update:We have found the photos on other blogs and websites (no surprise as most email forwards travel fast …) however most have been removed out of respect to Mario (and the people in them whom we can not identify), so we have done the same. (The photos are still posted on some??blogs such as this one- if you still wanted to check them out)

??[true photo source unknown]

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  1. buddy007ca says:

    We got that email too – great to see that NHL players unwind & party like real people too some times.

  2. connor morrissey says:

    i’m a 10 year old boy from PEI Canada. congratulations on winning the rocket richard trophy. i liked the way you finished off the season 51 goals and 109 points. Thats amazing. Hope you win the cup again this year to make it two years in a row.oh and congrats on winning the cup last year you were amazing.your team was the best this year. Score 10 goals for me in the playoffs.

    from connor tignish pei canada

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