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“the ultimate Sidney Crosby experience” Contest

We get a lot of requests every day from people who want to have stuff signed by Sidney Crosby … Here is a chance for those fans to get a free Sidney Crosby autographed jersey sent in to us by Crystal K. to share with other Crosby fans. [First, thanks for sending this in to us, and second if anybody else comes across any Crosby info that we have not already covered on the web site then we would love for you to let us know about it]

Contest Details: Go to the Dempster’s Bread web site and register for your chance to win the ultimate Sidney Crosby experience. They have a grand prize opportunity to meet Sidney Crosby plus they are also giving out 56 Sidney Crosby autographed replica jerseys with an approximate retail value of $787.87, one per day for the length of the promotional contest period. The Grand Prize “ultimate Sidney Crosby experience” consists of a trip for you and five others to attend a 2010/2011 regular season NHL hockey game in Pittsburgh, PA; with an opportunity to meet Sidney Crosby before or after that game; return air-fare and one night hotel stay [Eligible for Canadian residents only].

We are not Sure if the grand prize is actually the “ultimate Sidney Crosby experience” but none the less it is still a great prize for any young Crsoby fan and the autographed Jerseys are a nice secondary prize. Good luck and if anybody wins one then be sure to let us know.

Go to for more details and to enter the contest

[Note: is no way affiliated or associated with this contest or the vendor, we are merely want to share the good opportunity with our fans]

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  1. jenna cerminara says:

    not a very good site..tried to enter the contest with my pin # and it says i already subscribe, which i know that i just want to enter another pin as i purchased more breads…but it won’t let me

  2. Sharon Giersch says:

    Sidney Crosby, is like an angle on skates. he is so graceful and gymnistic it is just a pleasure to watch him play hockey. He makes all the world stop and watch.
    I have 8 brothers and when I choose Sid as the man, they taunted and laughed, but guess whos side they are on now. WHY? because Sidney Crosby is HOCKEY. Go Sid and I know that you will acheve 60+ goals this year. You can do it.


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