When will Sidney Crosby return?

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Sidney has been practicing but when will he return? Crosby, who has been out since January 6 due to a concussion, will not even start thinking about returning to his spot with the Penguins until he first can start playing full contact again, and even then he must be cleared by team doctors before he can play. With that said, look how well the Pittsburgh Penguins have done without key players like Crosby and Malkin, when Sidney does return, other teams will really need to worry, especially if he starts where he left off notching 66 points in only 41 games.

Y! Sports’ Greg Wyshynski and Nick Cotsonika debate if the Penguins star will come back this postseason.

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  1. Mike says:

    Sidney should take all the time that he needs to get 100%. Anything less can jeopardize his entire future life.
    Sure the league appreciates his presence but you only have one life to live and there is no chance to take at this point.
    We all know that there is some idiot that are going to try to test him and may just finish him for good so why risk it!

    Take all the time you need Sidney, we’d rather see you for many more years when you’re really ready than just for a few games at the start of this season.

    If you want to play for a long time and get a chance at a few records, take all the time it take for all symptoms to go away.

  2. Meredith says:

    As someone who has endured a brain injury, I would encourage Sid to take care of himself first. Recovering abilities can be a slow process. He has proven that he is a skilled athlete and hockey player. There is nothing else to prove. And there is no point in risking another brain injury that could potentially end his life. Sid Crosby does not have to prove to his fans that he is worthy of their praise.

    We can only move forward. We cannot go back in time and take back what we lost. I encourage you to visit http://www.stopconcussions.com

  3. Sidney says:


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