10 Best Day Trips from Toronto Canada

Toronto is the capital of the Canadian province of Ontario. It is a busy city of 2.7 million people in the east of the country.

Toronto, Ontario
Toronto, Ontario

It’s a center for culture, business, and finance, so it’s no surprise that it has a lot to offer tourists.

The city is filled with museums, art galleries, theaters, a zoo, and a lot of great restaurants and bars.

There are also a lot of great day trips in the area, like Niagara Falls, which has a lot of great hiking trails and natural wonders, as well as some surprises you might not have expected.

Here are the 10 best day trips you can take from Toronto:

1. Niagara Falls

The beautiful Niagara Falls are always the best part of a trip to Toronto.

From the Hornblower Boat on the lake, there is no better place to watch the water crash down with such force.

You can also choose to have lunch with a view of the falls. Find a restaurant with a buffet and a view of the falls.

As part of the day trip, you can also learn about the area’s history and culture from knowledgeable guides and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way there.

2. Tour of the Niagara Winery

You may have been to Niagara Falls before, or you may want to see more of the area.

No matter why, this is a great choice that offers something a little different.

The Niagara region is known for its wines, and this gives you the chance to try drinks from a number of vineyards.

The ice wine here is a real treat, and the region’s speciality.

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You can also stop in Niagara-on-the-Lake to learn about its history.

Suggested tour: Niagara Winery Tour From Toronto – Full day

3. The park in Ferris, Ontario

Ferris Provincial Park is on the edge of Campbellford. The Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge is a unique thing to see there.

The bridge goes over the Trent River Gorge, which has some of the most beautiful, untouched scenery in the world.

Around the falls, you can hike for more than ten kilometers and find a great view of the falls.

Along the trail, look for wildflowers in bloom. No matter what time of year you go, you’ll see the best of what nature has to offer.

4. Rattlesnake Point

Rattlesnake Point is a great place to go rock climbing, and it’s close to Toronto.

Whether you have never climbed before or have done it a lot, there are some great options here for climbers.

Spend some time on the rocks to see how strong you are.

When you’re tired, you can walk around the park’s well-used hiking trails to stretch your muscles.

This place is in a great spot for Toronto residents, so it can get a little busy, but it’s still worth going and a fun way to spend the day.

5. Dundas Peak

Dundas Peak is definitely one of the best places to hike near Toronto, which is saying something because there are a lot of other great places.

If you’re around in the fall, you can see the leaves turn golden. It’s a beautiful sight from the top of the rocks, where you can see a carpet of different colors below you.

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From your high spot, you can also see some towns that would look good on a postcard.

It’s worth all the effort it takes to get up there.

6. Eramosa Karst Caves

The beautiful Eramosa Karst caves are only about an hour’s drive from Toronto.

This is a great place to spend a whole day because there are so many places to get lost.

Adding to the excitement, there are many streams and waterfalls that flow through the caves. There are also some great places to stop and have a picnic.

7. Beach in Cobourg

A beach worth going to is only an hour and a half from Toronto. It adds to the many natural sights in the area.

Locals like to go to Cobourg, especially on the weekends, but that doesn’t take away from its laid-back vibes and beautiful water.

July and August are the best months to visit because of the weather, but you can go any time of year if you don’t mind a chilly dip.

Walk along the boardwalk and take in the holiday spirit. If you’re lucky, you might see the volleyball or sandcastle building competitions that happen every year.

There are plenty of things to do at the beach, like picnic tables and changing rooms, so you don’t have to plan too far ahead to use it.

8. Caledon

Hidden in cute Caledon is an up-and-coming tourist spot, but it’s not what you think: it’s a craft cider brewery.

Spirit Tree Cider and the rest of Ontario’s craft cider scene are becoming more and more popular. This brewery is a great place for a day trip because it has a bistro and a bakery on site.

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You can drive up in the afternoon and sit down with some great samples and a tasty lunch.

After you’ve had enough to drink (and maybe bought some gifts for friends back home), you can walk around the pretty village before heading back to your car.

9. River Grand

The Grand River in Ontario, which is the largest river in Ontario, has a lot to offer those who are more willing to take risks.

This area is on the western side of the Great Horseshoe. The best thing about it is tubing, which is when you float down a river in a rubber ring.

You can ride the small rapids or choose a calmer spot for a more relaxing time. Then you can just lay back and relax.

It’s a great way to cool off in the summer heat, and it might be a good way to keep the kids busy or wear them out if they need to before the trip back home.

10. Kelso

Kelso Conservation Area, Niagara Escarpment, Ontario, Canada
For more adventure, check out the mountain biking scene in Kelso and along the Niagara Escarpment.

This is a great place for beginning riders because the trail doesn’t have too many obstacles or tricky technical parts.

Ride hard down the single track’s slopes, which are even more exciting because you had to climb so hard to get there.

When you’re full, go to the beach nearby and take a dip to cool off.

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