10 Best Things to Do in Cambridge (Ontario, Canada)

In 1973, four different towns came together to make the city of Cambridge. Because of this, the city has a lot of history and charm.

Cambridge is a city with a lot of different things to see and do. It has historic sites, cultural sites, and natural sights that make it interesting to everyone.

Cambridge (Ontario, Canada)
Cambridge (Ontario, Canada)

Even though the city is a beautiful place to visit, there aren’t many tourists there.

Let’s look at what’s best to do in Cambridge:

1. Get caught up in fashion.

If you want to be called a fashionista, you have to go to the Fashion History Museum. This is the place where you can really get into fashion.

The museum opened in 2004, and its collection now has more than 10,000 clothes and accessories. Some of these things are from the 1600s!

The museum has both historical pieces and a collection of works by Canadian designers from the present day. It also puts on special shows.

2. Go hiking

In Cambridge, there are more than 20 kilometers of well-kept hiking trails. Wear a good pair of shoes and go hiking for the day.

There are trails through woods, along rivers, in parks, and around ponds. Pick the area with the best view and start walking.

Stone dust, asphalt, or natural terrain make up most trails, but there is also a boardwalk and an urban trail. None of these trails is hard, but they are all beautiful.

3. Have fun outside

Shade’s Mills Conservation Area is a great place for people of all ages who like being outside. This big park has so many things to do that anyone will be happy.

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The most popular things to do here are swimming, canoeing, and sport fishing. There are also 12 km of trails in the park that are great for walking and biking.

The Shade’s Mills Conservation Area is great because there are things to do all year. In the winter, you can cross-country ski, snowshoe, or fish through the ice.

4. Let butterflies fly all around you

The Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory is home to tens of thousands of butterflies from all over the world. You can also look at birds, plants, and bugs.

As you walk around the conservatory, you’ll be surrounded by butterflies. There are more than 40 kinds of butterflies and moths here, and most of them come from the Philippines or Costa Rica.

At the conservatory, you can see many rare birds, such as the Gouldian Finch, the German Roller Canary, and the Pintail Whydah. Check out the Vietnamese Walking Stick, the Scorpion, or the Giant African Flower Beetle if you like bugs.

5. Gaze at art

This can be done at the Queen’s Square Gallery, the Design at Riverside Gallery, and the Preston Gallery, which are all in the city. Each of these has its own focus and set of items.

Both the Queen’s Square Gallery and the Preston Gallery have collections by local artists that focus on modern art. Both of them also have special shows.

The Design at Riverside Gallery shows tapestries, wall hangings, and furniture with an emphasis on architecture and design. There are also special exhibitions with architecture or design as their theme.

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6. Have a picnic.

In Cambridge, there are many places where you can have a nice picnic. Even picnic shelters, some of which are open air, are available.

Riverside Park, which has four picnic shelters, is one of the most popular places for a picnic. It also has hiking trails, playing fields, tennis courts, and a splash pad.

Churchill Park is 27 hectares big and has two picnic shelters and 14 camping sites with water and electricity. There is also a splash pad, a playground, a baseball diamond, and football fields.

7. Go to the store

Since 1837, the Cambridge Farmers’ Market has been thriving. It is open all year on Saturday mornings and from June to September on Wednesday mornings.

You can buy fresh or ready-made foods at the market, both of which are great for a picnic. There are vendors both inside and outside, but the outdoor area is only open in the summer.

Buy freshly baked goods, tasty cheese, meats from the deli, or fruits and vegetables. You can also relax with a cup of coffee or buy handcrafted bath products.

8. Look at sculptures

Do this as you walk along the historic Grand River and look at the beautiful oak trees that are 130 years old. You must go to the Cambridge Sculpture Garden.

You can go into the garden and look at the sculptures and the natural surroundings for free. There are four pieces that stay there all the time, and there are always a few others that change.

Artists from all over the country and the world show their work at the Cambridge Sculpture Garden. There are also many shows on it.

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9. Take a class in art

Find out how to make pottery, draw figures that look real, sew, or quilt. Even ballroom dancing classes are available at the Cambridge Center for the Arts.

There are a lot of great classes at the center, and all of them are drop-in, which is great for tourists. They also have a baby grand piano that can be rented by the hour, but you have to book it ahead of time.

When you are done with class, you can look at the art at the Cambridge Centre for the Arts. There are no permanent exhibits, so you will be able to see a lot of different kinds of great art.

10. Go see a play.

This Cambridge, like the one in England with the same name, has its fair share of theaters. Every theater is open all year and has a wide range of shows.

The Dunfield Theatre has 500 seats and shows everything from comedies to Broadway musicals. There are even live music shows there.

The Cambridge Community Players is a small theater that puts on plays by people from the area. Go to the Cookies and Kids Family Theater if you are traveling with kids.

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