10 Best Things to Do in Coquitlam (British-Columbia, Canada)

Even though not many people go there, this beautiful city that is a suburb of Vancouver is a real gem. Coquitlam is a city with a lot of culture and lots of fun things to do in your free time.

Coquitlam has more than 890 hectares of green space and more than 80 parks and natural areas. This makes it a great city for people who like to be outside. It also has a relaxed but modern vibe, and there are lots of great places to shop and eat.

Coquitlam British Columbia
Coquitlam (British-Columbia, Canada)

One of the best things about Coquitlam is that it is connected to Vancouver by fast transit. This makes it easy to enjoy all that the much bigger city has to offer without having to be in the middle of it. Here are the best things to do in Coquitlam if you ever get the chance to visit:

1. Be on the lookout for bears.

Mundy Park, which is Coquitlam’s biggest park, is one of the best places to visit in the city. The 176-hectare park is a great place to look for black beers and is full of animals.

The park is also home to racoons, geese, ducks, swans, and a wide variety of birds, which makes it a popular place for birdwatchers. The walking trails in the park make it easy to keep an eye out for animals.

There are also sports fields, an outdoor pool, and a lacrosse box in Mundy Park. There are also places to have a picnic and a playground where kids can play.

2. Try fishing

You can do this at Como Lake, which is in the city. This small lake is in the middle of Como Lake Park, which is a city park in the southwest part of the city.

People like to fish in the lake because it has carp, rainbow trout, and catfish. A one-kilometer trail goes all the way around the lake, making it a good place to run or walk.

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Como Lake is also part of the Como watershed. The Como watershed flows into the Fraser River, which flows into the Pacific Ocean. About 5.4 square miles are covered by the watershed.

3. Go for a walk in a park

The 200-hectare Minnekhada Regional Park has three main trails that go through it. The park is in the northeast corner of Coquitlam. It has trails, trees, birds, and a lot of other animals.

There are five great places to look out over Pitt Meadows and Pitt River in the park. You can walk to these lookout points by following the trails.

If you don’t count the side trails to the lookout points, the three trails add up to 5.2 kilometers. In the park, there is also a lodge that is open to everyone every Sunday.

4. Go swimming

You can go swimming at the City Centre Aquatic Complex at any time of year. The modern pool was made to look like it was in the Florida Keys, with palm trees, pelicans, and painted murals.

The City Centre Aquatic Complex has an Olympic-sized pool with eight lanes, a floor that can be changed to make it deeper or shallower, two diving boards, and a rope swing. Even a small zip line is there.

The center has a wave pool, a lazy pool, a 54-meter waterslide, a hot tub, and a bubble pool, among other things. There is also a fitness center that is 280 square meters, a café by the pool, and a viewing terrace.

5. Learn about the culture

The Evergreen Cultural Centre has a theater, an art gallery, a place to hear live music, and a place to practice all in one building. Even more, there are four art studios right there.

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The center opened in 1996 to show off the many different cultures in Coquitlam. The center has live theater, music concerts, comedy shows, and workshops for the visual arts.

The Evergreen Cultural Centre also hosts a lot of festivals. The Water’s Edge Festival, which plays music for 25 hours straight, is the most popular.

6. Go to a casino

The Hard Rock Casino Vancouver is the biggest casino in the province, but it is actually in Coquitlam, despite its name. A show theater is also in the 7400-square-meter casino.

There are 70 table games, eight poker tables, a high-limit room, and 1,000 slot machines at the casino. There is also a six-story parking lot for the hordes of people who come to the casino all day and night.

You can take a break from gambling by going to one of the many restaurants on site. At the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver, you can get anything from a quick snack to a five-star meal.

7. Circulate around a lake

You can walk around Buntzen Lake and also take in the amazing views. A 100-meter-high trail goes all the way around the lake, which is 4.8 kilometers long.

The whole trail is 8 km long, and it takes about 4-5 hours to walk around it. If time is an issue, try the Old Butzen Lake Trail, which takes 45 minutes.

Beautiful nature surrounds Buntzen Lake, and there are a number of other trails nearby that are good for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking. On these trails, it can take anywhere from two to twelve hours to walk.

8. Visit a beach

A few beaches along Sasamat Lake, just outside of Coquitlam, are popular with both locals and visitors. They are in the Belcarra Regional Park and can be reached from Belcarra or Port Moody, which are both close by.

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If you don’t have a car, take a bus to White Pine Beach at the north end of the lake, where you can swim, relax, and play all day. If you’d rather fish, you should go to the south end of the lake.

Since there are several islands nearby, Belcarra Regional Park is also a popular place for boaters. There are also cabins that you can rent if you want to stay the night.

9. Check out a game

There are a number of professional sports teams in Coquitlam, so there are plenty of chances to see a game. There are teams for baseball, basketball, Canadian football, and even cricket.

The Vancouver Canucks are the best team in the city, even though they play in nearby Vancouver. The Coquitlam Reds baseball team and the Coquitlam Adanacs of the Western Lacrosse Association are two other teams to watch.

The Windies Cricket Club, which is part of the British Columbia Mainland Cricket League, is also based in this city. The city also has a lot of small-scale sports leagues.

10. Go golfing for a round

The Vancouver Golf Club and the Westwood Plateau Golf & Country Club are two world-class golf courses that no golfer should miss while on vacation in Coquitlam.

The Westwood Plateau Golf & Country Club is the more popular of the two, and it is considered to be one of the best courses in Canada. There are two courses, a course for teaching, a restaurant, and a course for teaching.

The Vancouver Golf Club has been around since 1910, making it one of the oldest clubs in the area. On the west side of Blue Mountain, there is a very exclusive club with a very high fee to join.

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