10 Best Things to Do in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Edmonton is a city that has something for everyone. It is known for its natural beauty, culture, history, and attractions. It has Canada’s biggest historical park, the country’s biggest living history museum, and North America’s biggest mall. Even if that wasn’t enough, it also has a lively theater scene, a lot of professional sports teams, and some beautiful buildings.

Edmonton's river valley
Edmonton’s river valley

Everyone can find something they like to do in Edmonton, from outdoor recreation to fun indoors. The city is one of the best places to visit in Canada because you can shop, eat, hike, skate, and even ski there.

Here are Edmonton’s best things to do:

1. Visit a mall

The West Edmonton mall isn’t like other shopping centers. It is a huge mall that covers 490,000 square meters and has more than 800 stores and services. It is also the biggest mall in all of North America.

Every year, more than 32 million people visit the mall. Some people come to the mall to shop, while others come to see the attractions.

West Edmonton Mall has four movie theater complexes, four theme parks, a water park, a miniature golf course, and a huge entertainment center. It also has a big skating rink inside that is right in the middle of the shopping mall.

2. Take a walk in a park

The River Valley Parks in Edmonton are huge, just like the mall. The park is made up of 20 different parks that are 22 times bigger than New York City’s Central Park.

The River Valley Parks are a great way to get out of the city. It has 22 ravines, 11 lakes, nature centers, and golf courses.

When it’s warm, it’s a popular place to camp, hike, and ride bikes. In the winter, the hiking trails are turned into cross-country ski trails, and four hills are turned into downhill ski slopes. The best part is that trails lead from the city right into the park system.

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3. Travel to Ukraine

There are a lot of Ukrainians living in Edmonton. The first Ukrainians moved there in 1899. This is shown at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village.

This provincial historical site is an open-air museum that is just outside of the city. It has more than 30 historic buildings, gardens, and monuments that show how settlers lived from 1899 to 1930.

The workers are wearing traditional clothes and doing things that were common back then. Watch people take care of gardens, bake bread (that you can taste! ), work as blacksmiths, and carve words.

4. Walk around the city center

Churchill Square, the center of Edmonton’s Arts District, is where many cultural festivals take place. It was also the first Market Square in the city.

City Hall, the Art Gallery of Alberta, the National Bank, and the Francis Winspear Centre for Music are just a few of the famous buildings near the square.

There are also many boutiques and, of course, art shops in the Arts District. Also, the Central Business District and the Warehouse District are both close enough to walk to.

5. Take a walk through a historic area

South Central Edmonton is where the Strathcona Historic District is. It used to be the center of business in the city, but now it’s a provincial historic area.

Even though this part of the city has a lot of history, it is also very modern and full of life. The streets are full of cool cafes and shops, and the nightlife is pretty busy.

The district covers five city blocks, from 102 Street to 106 Street and from 85 Avenue to 80 Avenue. The Strathcona Hotel, the Canadian Pacific Railway Station, the Princess Theater, and the South Side Post Office are all old buildings in the neighborhood.

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6. Enjoy a festival

All year long, many events take place in Edmonton. It is called “Canada’s Festival City” for a reason. One of the most well-known is the Works Art & Design Festival, which takes place between June and July.

The Edmonton International Fringe Festival, which happens every August, is the biggest festival of its kind in all of North America. If you can’t make that, try to come to the Edmonton International Street Performer’s Festival.

Only the rodeo in Las Vegas is bigger than the Canadian Finals Rodeo and Farmfair, which takes place in November. K-Days is the most important summer event. It lasts for 10 days and has rides, games, and shows.

7. Visit some museums

There are a lot of museums in Edmonton, and every history buff will find something they like. The Royal Alberta Museum is the biggest. It has more than 10 million items from the area’s native tribes.

The Alberta Aviation Museum has a collection of military and civilian planes, such as the Cranwell CLA.4, the de Havilland Mosquito MK B35, and one of only two BOMARC missiles in all of Canada. The more modern Telus World of Science has a planetarium, an observatory, and an IMAX theater.

Fort Edmonton Park is the biggest museum of living history in Canada. If you only go to one museum, you should go to this one. It has four parts, and each one shows a different time period.

8. Go to a game.

Several professional sports teams play in Edmonton. The most well-known of these is the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers. Wayne Gretzy used to play for this team. If you’re in the city during hockey season, you have to go to a game.

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The Edmonton Eskimos play in the Canadian Football League, and the FC Edmonton plays in the North American Soccer League. These teams often go up against those in Calgary, the other city in Alberta.

Edmonton also has a lot of junior sports teams. It’s fun to watch these games, and you might get to see the next big hockey, football, or soccer star.

9. Go skiing

If you are going to Edmonton in the winter, there are four great ski slopes close by. Some of these are Edmonton Ski, Sunridge Ski Area, and Snow Valley.

Jasper, which is 365 kilometers west of the city, is one of the best places to go skiing. Jasper is in the Canadian Rockies, and most people get there from Edmonton.

Jasper is not only a great place to go for fun, but also a beautiful one. In fact, it is so beautiful that it is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites.

10. Gaze at animals

The Edmonton Valley Zoo is home to more than 350 animals from more than 100 different species from all over the world. The zoo also raises money and attention for animals that are in danger of dying out.

The zoo has eight different areas where different animals from different parts of the world live. The oldest part of the zoo is the Inner Zoo, where you can find meerkats, otters, red pandas, emus, and alpacas.

Makira Outpost is one of the newer places in the zoo where lemurs live. The big cats live in Carnivore Alley, and the elephants live in the Elephant House and Exhibit.

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