10 Best Things to Do in Laval (Canada)

The islands of Île Jésus and Îles Laval are all part of the city of Laval in Quebec. The city is just north of Montreal and is its biggest suburb. Still, it is Canada’s thirteenth largest city and a municipality in its own right.

The Cosmodome - Laval Showroom
The Cosmodome – Laval Showroom

Laval is a big city with a long history and a lot of character. It’s easy to miss because it’s close to Montreal, but you shouldn’t do that. You could easily spend 3 or 4 days in Laval because there are so many things to do and see. Check out the 15 best things to do in Laval if you are thinking about going there.

1. Go on a spaceship ride

One of the five space camps in the world, Space Camp Canada, is held at the Cosmodome. There is also the Space Science Center there.

Children between the ages of 9 and 15 can go to space camp and get to ride in a spaceship, even if it’s just a computer simulation. Space Camp Canada has other things for kids to do to get them ready for space.

The Space Science Centre is great for everyone, especially those who are interested in space. It has a real moon rock and a space shuttle cockpit that is as big as a person.

2. Visit a park

The Centre de la Nature is a beautiful 50-hectare park that is open all year long. It’s a great place for people who love nature or just want to spend some time in a beautiful place.

This is Laval’s biggest park, which was built on the site of an old quarry. Its beautiful gardens were built in 1984, but they have grown since then, and there are now a lot of new gardens at the park.

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Centre de la nature is home to a lot of farm animals as well as gardens. It also has things to do all year long, like hiking, tobogganing, skating, having a picnic, fishing, and cross-country skiing.

3. Go skydiving, indoors

SkyVenture Montreal is an indoor skydiving center where you can get your heart racing. It is a safe way to skydive without having to get on a plane and jump out into the sky.

At SkyVenture Montreal, there is a wind tunnel with glass walls that squeezes air and sends wind at speeds between 50 km/h and 300 km/h. This much wind is enough to make you float in the chamber, as if you were falling freely through the air.

This place is great because it can even work for people who have trouble moving around. There are also no weight limits, so you can try indoor skydiving no matter how big you are.

4. Pick fruits and vegetables

At Sauriol Farm, you can pick your own fresh vegetables and berries from June to October. The farm has been owned and run by the same family for 4 generations.

You can pick strawberries, tomatoes, eggplants, onions, and sweet peppers at the farm. What you choose will depend on the month you go.

If you don’t want to pick your own food, there is a market on site where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly baked bread, maple syrup, fresh cheese, and other foods.

5. Spend time outside

The Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles is a great place to get out of the city and enjoy nature. The park is a peaceful place with a lot of native plants and animals.

In the park, there is a 155-kilometer trail that goes through forest and wetlands. The trail goes from the area around the Ottawa River to the area around Lanaudière. Along the way, it goes through Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles.

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The park is open all year, and there are many things to do there. In the summer, you can go hiking, boating, fishing, and paddling. You can go ice skating, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, and tobogganing there in the winter.

6. Go to an event.

In Laval, there are a lot of great festivals and events that happen every year. Most of these events have to do with culture, but there are a few that focus on family and even the environment.

The Mondial Loto-Québec de Laval is one of the most popular. It is a summer music festival that focuses mostly on choir music. Aerosmith and Sarah McLachlan are just two examples of the new types of musicians that have started playing at the festival in recent years.

Other big events in Laval include Fête nationale du Québec and Fête de la famille. Laval takes part in Earth Day as well.

7. Go shopping

Laval has a few big shopping malls, with Carrefour Laval being the biggest. This is actually the biggest mall in the Montreal area. It has more than 300 shops on one floor.

Carrefour Laval is a big shopping mall, but Centre Laval is also a big mall, though it is only half as big. This mall is 65,000 square meters big and has about 150 stores and services.

Go to Marché public 440 to feel more like a local. This is a public market where you can buy both fresh and cooked gourmet meals of high quality. There’s even a great wine shop right there.

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8. Listen to music

The best place to do this is at the L’Orchestre symphonique de Laval (OSL). Alain Trudel, one of Canada’s best conductors, has been in charge of the orchestra since 1984.

There are 53 people in the orchestra, plus a composer who lives there. Together, they play some beautiful music that can be heard all year long.

At L’Orchestre symphonique de Laval, there are also other concerts and shows. You can buy tickets online or in person at the box office.

9. Go to a golf course

If you like to golf, you won’t get bored in Laval. There are a few great golf courses in the city for people who like to play golf.

The beautiful Sainte-Rose Golf Club has 18 holes, a practice green, and you can rent equipment. The Saint-Francois Golf Club has two 18-hole courses that are surrounded by trees, flowers, and lakes that were made by people.

Willie Park Jr. made the private Club Laval-sur-le-Lac, which is a high-class club. Go to Le Cardinal Golf Club if you can’t get in.

10. Bounce on a trampoline

A 7,000-square-meter warehouse has been turned into a huge trampoline park called iSaute. It is an extreme center that is fun for everyone, but especially great if you are in Laval with kids. It even has a place for babies and young children.

There are a lot of different trampolines and activities that can be done on them. During open jump times, you can just jump around, or you can try dodgeball, skiing, or a bounceboard.

If you like to stay up late, you can go to iSaute on Friday or Saturday night and jump while lasers and black lights light up the space.

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