10 Best Things to Do in London (Ontario, Canada)

Don’t confuse London with London, England just because it has a Thames River, a Covent Garden Market, and a Piccadilly Street. Instead, this London is a much smaller city in Southwestern Ontario that is surrounded by woods and farms. In fact, it is called “The Forest City” because it was built on land that was once in the middle of a forest and had to be cleared.

London (Ontario, Canada)
London (Ontario, Canada)

Today, the square-shaped city is one of the largest cities in Ontario. It has both business and residential areas. It also has a lot of landmarks and interesting places to see, as well as many things to do. When you’re in this part of Canada, you shouldn’t miss London. It has a lot to offer.

Let’s look at what’s best to do in London, Canada:

1. Visit a park

One of the best places to meet in London is the 7.3-hectare Victoria Park. In 1874, the park was built as a British military base and cricket field. Today, it is used for recreation.

Victoria Park has a bandstand, a skate park, and a skating rink. It also hosts a number of events every year. It also has a number of monuments, such as the cenotaph, a plaque for veterans, and a monument to the Boer War.

Because there are so many Eastern Grey squirrels in the park, squirrel fishing is a fun thing to do there. If you have never done this, you have to.

2. Attend church.

The original log building of the historic St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica burned down in 1845, but it was built in August 1834. What stands now is a beautiful French Gothic Revival church from the 13th century that was built in 1851.

There are beautiful stained-glass windows and a Casavant organ in the cathedral. In 1958, the two towers on the front and the Lady Chapel and the beautiful paintings inside were added.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of London is based at St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica. You can go there at any time of the day, or you can even go to mass there.

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3. Find out how insulin came to be.

Banting House is where Dr. Frederick Banting, who came up with insulin, used to live. Today, the house is a museum about his life and how he came up with the idea for insulin.

Banting House was made a Canadian National Historic Site in 1997. Inside the museum are things like his desk, medicine cabinet, and personal art.

Visit the museum and look at the artifacts and apothecary that were used to make insulin to learn how this great medicine came to be. You can also walk around the nearby Banting Square, which has a garden, a life-size sculpture of the doctor, the Flame of Hope, and a huge sculpture of a globe.

4. Take a walk through a museum

There are a few great museums in London that anyone interested in history or art should check out. The most well-known of these is the London Museum.

There are more than 5,000 works of art and 45,000 other things in the London Museum. Most of the pieces in the collection were made by artists from the area, but there are also many works by the famous Group of Seven.

The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum, the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, and the Museum of Ontario Archaeology are also great places to look around. The London Regional Children’s Museum is a great place to take kids if you are in London with them.

5. Have fun at an event

Throughout the year, there are many festivals in London. Depending on when you go to the city, these things will make your trip even more fun and interesting.

Sunfest is the second biggest world music festival in the United States. It takes place every July. It takes place in Victoria Park, and along with live music, it has great food from all over the world.

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When it comes to food, another event that foodies can’t miss is the London Ribfest. If you like theater, you should go to London in June, when the London Fringe Theatre Festival is going on.

6. Go on a brewery tour

Labatt is Canada’s biggest brewery. Its headquarters are in London, and you can take tours of the brewery any time of year. The whole tour takes about two hours and includes some tastings.

Booking a tour of the brewery in advance is easy to do by email. Anyone can go on the tour, but you have to be old enough to drink beer to try the samples.

Some of London’s smaller breweries, like the family-run Anderson Craft Ales and the Toboggan Brewing Company, also offer tours. If you’d rather tour a brewery that doesn’t make alcohol, you can go to Booch Organic Kombucha.

7. Explore Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden Market is a London treasure that dates back to 1845. It is a lot like the famous market in the UK city with the same name. The market is a well-known place where you can buy fresh meat, fruit, and vegetables.

Covent Garden Market has more than just places to buy raw food. It also has restaurants, bakeries, bars, and delis. You can also buy flowers, chocolates, and things made by local people. At the end of the day, you can get a massage.

From May to December, there is an outdoor farmers’ market at the market. Try some fresh food and talk to the farmers about what they love doing.

8. Get ready to race

The Delaware Speedway is just a few minutes west of London. It is one of Canada’s oldest tracks that has always been open. Since it first opened in 1952, the speedway has seen many races.

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Every Friday night from April to September, there is a race at Delaware Speedway. It also has a museum where original posters, programs, and photos from races that have been held there are shown.

Today, seven different types of races and Bone Stock Chaos Cars take place on the track. It has also been the site of major races, such as the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series, the ARCA Series, the CASCAR Super Series, and the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.

9. Enjoy a long walk

Along the Thames and North Thames Rivers, the 109 km Thames Valley Trail goes. The trail is paved and goes through several parks in London, such as Gibbons Park and Springbank Park.

The trail goes from Delaware to St. Mary’s. On the way, it goes through London. It has good signs at regular intervals that make it easy to find your way.

Hiking along the Thames Valley Trail is a beautiful way to spend a sunny day. It has amazing views of the valleys and other high places. There are group hikes, or you can go on your own.

10. Open a book and read a story

Storybook Gardens is a fun park for families that will make you and your kids feel like you’ve jumped into a book. The park is open all year and has many things to see and do.

At Storybook Gardens, you can enjoy rides, games, other fun things to do, and even animals. You can also see a play, look around in vegetable gardens, and ride a wagon.

Some of the rides at the park, like Humpty Dumpty, the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, and Three Men in a Tub, are based on fairy tales. You can go ice skating in the winter, and in the summer there is a splash park.

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