10 Best Things to Do in Oakville (Ontario, Canada)

Oakville is a beautiful place that feels like a small town. It is a suburb on the north shore of Lake Ontario. It’s one of the top five places to live in Canada, but it’s also a great place to go on vacation.

Even though Oakville is only 30 km from Toronto, it is often forgotten. But it has a lot to offer, from a thriving arts scene to beautiful natural areas that are just waiting to be explored.

Oakville (Ontario, Canada)
Oakville (Ontario, Canada)

If you ever go to Toronto, you should spend a night or two in Oakville as well. Or, just spend a few days in the town on its own.

Here are Oakville’s best things to do:

1. Go to a park for the day

The 6.4-square-kilometer Bronte Creek Provincial Park is right on the western edge of the town. Any day of the year, you can spend a day in the huge park.

There are trails for walking, biking, and cross-country skiing in the Bronte Creek Provincial Park. The park also has an outdoor swimming pool where you can go swimming.

There are places to camp with electricity if you want to spend the night in the park. A historic farmhouse, a nature center, and a children’s farm with chickens, rabbits, pigs, sheep, and a goat are also there.

2. Find out how Golf got started.

At least in Canada, you can do that at the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame. Here, you can find out how golf got started in Canada.

People who are inducted into the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame have played, coached, designed golf courses, or helped golf in some other way. There is also a museum on the grounds that has artifacts and records from the past.

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Stephen Michael Ames, Michael Richard Weir, Sandra Post, Stanley Thompson, and Jack William Nicklaus are just a few of the people who have been put in the hall of fame.

3. Take a turn

The Glen Abbey Golf Club is another place where you can play a round of golf. One of the most well-known golf courses in the country is the Jack Nicklaus course.

So far, 25 Canadian Open Championships have been held at Glen Abbey Golf Club. In fact, Tiger Woods was known for beating Grant Waite on this course in 2000.

Even if you don’t want to play golf, you can still go to the famous club and have a nice Sunday brunch. People who want to learn how to play golf can also go to a golf academy.

4. Watch a canoe regatta

Check out a canoe regatta at the Burloak Canoe Club. The canoe club is near Sixteen Mile Creek on Navy Flats.

The Burloak Canoe Club has helped train Olympic medalists like Larry Cain, Adam van Koeverden, and Mark Oldershaw. Sheila Kuyper and Mallorie Nicholson, two well-known paddlers, also trained here.

When there isn’t a race, you can still go to the club and paddle your own canoe or kayak. They also rent out Dragon Boats.

5. Explore Old Oakville

Old Oakville, also called Downtown Oakville, is in South-Central Oakville along Lake Ontario. It is a fun neighborhood that you should check out.

Old Oakville feels like a quaint village because it has trendy restaurants, great bars, and unique shops. There are also a few expensive shops, and most of them are along Lakeshore Boulevard.

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There are also art galleries in the area that are in old buildings. There is also Oakville Harbour, which is where the Oakville Yacht Club is.

6. Visit a museum

Erchless Estate used to be the home of the Chisholm family, who came up with the idea for the town and built it. The estate is now a museum and a place to learn about history.

When you go to the museum, don’t forget to bring a camera because the buildings, grounds, and gardens are all beautiful. When you go inside the museum, you can see the family’s costumes, textiles, ethnological artifacts, and decorative arts.

At the Erchless Estate, there are both permanent collections and special exhibitions. There are guided tours, but you can also just wander around on your own.

7. Enjoy a festival

For such a small town, Oakville is very busy and has a lot of great events every year. The Waterfront Festival was the biggest of these, but it hasn’t happened since 2013.

The most popular festival in the city right now is the Downtown Oakville Jazz Festival. All of the shows on its 9 stages are free.

If you like art, don’t miss Midnight Madness in July or the For the Love of the Arts Festival in the spring. People who like to eat should go to the Oakville Family Ribfest every year.

8. Go hiking

Along the whole length of Oakville’s lake, part of the famous Trans Canada Trail runs. This trail is great for walking or riding a bike.

This part of the trail goes from Toronto all the way to Burlington. So, if you like to hike or ride a bike a lot, you can try the whole 87-kilometer path.

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Along the trail, there are a few parking spots inside Oakville. However, this part of the trail doesn’t have any rest stops or bathrooms. So make sure you’re ready.

9. Shop, eat, and take it easy

All of these things can be done at Bronte Harbour, which is on Oakville’s westernmost tip. Bronte Harbour is a lakeside village with everything from yoga classes to gourmet treats.

Walk around the village’s streets and look in or buy from any of the small shops. There are stores that sell fine arts, antiques, jewelry, home decor, fashion, and much more.

Try one of the award-winning restaurants in Bronte Harbour or get a snack at a nearby cafĂ© or pub. Don’t forget to unwind by getting a massage at one of the spas or by renting a yacht and sailing off into the sunset.

10. Spend a lot of time with art

Oakville Center for the Performing Arts
Oakville has a pretty good arts scene, and there are a lot of performing arts events there. If you like the ballet, the theater, or the symphony, Oakville has a lot to offer you.

All of this takes place at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts, which has a wide range of performing arts. It is home to the Oakville Ballet Company and the Oakville Symphony Orchestra, and it has also been the site of special performances.

The Oakville Children’s Choir is also a choir that has won awards. In fact, they are known all over the world, and opera star Mary Lou Fallis has sung with them.

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