10 Best Things to Do in Richmond Hill (Ontario, Canada)

Richmond Hill is not only the biggest town in Canada, but it is also one of the places that has grown the most in recent years. As it has grown, a lot of new facilities, attractions, and shopping centers have been built.

The town is mostly made up of neighborhoods and business districts, so it is not a well-known tourist spot. But it does have some charm, and it’s easy to get to because it’s close to Toronto.

Richmond Hill (Ontario, Canada)
Richmond Hill (Ontario, Canada)

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Few people go to Richmond Hill for reasons other than business, but it is a nice place to stay for a night or two. If you find yourself in Richmond Hill and want to do something, here are the best things to do:

1. Look up at the night sky

The biggest telescope in the country is at the David Dunlap Observatory. Spend an evening at the observatory and look up at the stars.

Since 1935, people have been able to learn about astronomy at the observatory through talks, programs, and regular visits. On a clear night, go to the David Dunlap Observatory and look at the stars through one of the world’s biggest telescopes.

Come on a Friends & Family night if you are in town with your kids. A lot of guest speakers talk about astronomy, space, and science fiction at the observatory.

2. Look at the past

If you like historical places and buildings, you should visit the Richmond Hill Heritage Centre. In the 1840s, the building was built in the Regency style.

The heritage center is a lovely example of this style of building. It has been completely fixed up and now has displays that show the history of the town.

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Walk around the building and look at how well-made the inside is. Have afternoon tea as the last part of your trip.

3. Go to a lake for the day

If you want to spend a day at a lake, Wilcox Lake is the place to go. There are three parks around the lake where you can take a break and have a picnic.

The lake is also a popular place to go fishing because it is full of fish like largemouth bass, yellow perch, crappie, and northern pike. Rent a boat or canoe and go fishing for the afternoon.

If you like to try new things, you can windsurf on the lake. For kids, there is also a splash pad and a playground.

4. Enjoy a bike ride

Richmond Hill is full of places to ride a bike, so it’s easy to go for a ride. Some trails are on roads that everyone can use, and others are on their own lanes.

On a road, a multi-use trail, or a designated bike lane, you can ride your bike to all of the town’s sights. Rent a bike and enjoy getting to know the town.

Online, it’s easy to find a map of all the bike routes. There are also places to lock up your bike and your stuff, like bike racks and lockers.

5. Go to a park to relax

There are lots of different kinds in Richmond Hill. Still, the largest and most important one is the Richmond Green Sports Centre and Park.

This 41-hectare park has a lot to offer, like an ice skating rink, 3 baseball diamonds, a football field, and sheltered picnic areas. The park also has a great skatepark and a water park.

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The gazebo and beautiful pond at Mill Pond Park make it a great place to relax. Go to Phyllis Rawlinson Park if you want to have a barbecue.

6. Make a splash

Or, you can ride a wave in the Wave Pool, which is the only pool like it in the area. The Wave Pool has a big wave pool and a thrilling waterslide that goes down 30 meters.

There is also a hot tub, a sauna on the deck, and a basketball net in the water. Also, it’s easy for everyone to get to, so anyone can splash around here.

When you’re not in the water, you can sit back and relax in a chair that leans back. There are also lounge chairs in the water for relaxing.

7. Climb ropes

Kids will love the Eyer Ropes Challenge Course. It’s a low and high ropes course that tests their willpower, ability to work as a team, and ability to climb.

There is a climbing wall, 17 low elements, and five high elements. Don’t worry, there will always be someone there to make sure your kids are safe.

If you don’t want to climb, you can stay at the Eyer Wideman House. The whole house has Wi-Fi and comes with a games room and a living room.

8. Go shopping

Hillcrest Mall is Richmond Hill’s biggest mall. It has about 135 shops, services, and restaurants. H&M, Pandora, Guess, and The Body Shop are some of the stores there.

The mall also has a food court where you can get a bite to eat, a cup of coffee, or a fresh juice from one of many kiosks. This is also where you can connect a pay-as-you-go plan if you need a cell phone while you’re in town.

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Old Richmond Hill’s Yonge Street is the place to go if you’d rather shop in small shops owned by local people. From Major Mackenzie to Richmond Heights, this is the strip.

9. Visit art studios

The Richmond Hill Studio Tour is a great way to meet local artists and see some of their work. Every year in October, artists open up their homes and studios to the public as part of the tour.

This is a self-guided tour, so you can go to the studios over the weekend and take your time. If you like art, this is a wonderful way to spend a few days in Richmond Hill.

The tour is free, and it shows off some of the best local artists. You can also buy a one-of-a-kind piece, of course.

10. See a play

At the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts, there is almost always something going on. The 4,000-square-meter building is right in the center of Richmond Hill.

Check out their website to see what’s going on in town while you’re there. One of your favorite stars might be in town for a concert or a stand-up comedy show.

On Tuesday nights during the summer, there is a free jazz concert. Or check the schedule online, because you never know who will be performing at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.

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