10 Best Things to Do in Surrey (Canada)

Surrey is a suburban city on the coast of British Columbia’s Boundary Bay. It is part of the Greater Vancouver area. It is a city that is growing quickly. It has both hills and flatlands, and 35% of it is set aside as an agricultural reserve.

Bear Creek Park Surrey Canada
Bear Creek Park Surrey Canada

Surrey is a great place for people who love nature because it has so many parks and green belts. It is also a great place for people who like cities because it has art galleries, museums, shopping malls, and historic sites. If you’re going to Vancouver, it’s worth spending a few days exploring Surrey, or you could just go there on its own.

Let’s look at what’s best to do in Surrey:

1. Go to the park for the day

Bear Creek Park is the most popular park in Surrey. It is a great place for everyone. It has beautiful hiking trails, sports fields, picnic areas, a running track, and even a swimming pool.

Bear Creek Park is a popular place for families to go in the summer because it has a miniature train, an outdoor pool, and a mini-golf course. If you like being outside, take a walk on one of its walking paths.

Cottonwoods, western red cedars, conifers, and azaleas grow in these beautiful gardens. A pavilion in the park is also used for events on a regular basis.

2. Visit Smallville

This popular American TV show was filmed in Cloverdale, a historic neighborhood. There are also many historic sites in the area that date back to the 1880s.

The place where farmers used to live is now a very popular place to go. Not only in TV and movies, but also in the world of antiques, it is well-known. Cloverdale is actually known as the “Antiques Capital of BC.”

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Anyone interested in history or who likes small towns needs to walk around the area. It also hosts the Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair every May.

3. Visit a beach

This is something to do in the summer, but you can walk along the oceanfront walkway any time of year. Along the coast of Boundary Bay, South Surrey has Crescent Beach.

For hundreds of years, people have been coming to this beach. In the past, it was where the first people lived at a summer camp. Today, people go there to swim, sail, and play water polo.

If you like to be naked, there is a nudist beach at the bottom of the Crescent Rock boulder on the southern end of the beach. If you like to watch birds, go to the north end of the beach.

4. Go golfing for a round

Surrey has a lot of golf courses, and some of them have been used for PGA tournaments. There are eight full courses, two executive courses, and several driving ranges in the city.

The Northview Golf & Country Club, which was designed by Arnold Palmer, is one of the most popular in the city. The Morgan Creek Golf Course is also very popular. The Guildford Golf & Country Club and the Peace Portal Golf Course are two other well-known courses in the city.

Some of Surrey’s golf courses may be familiar to fans of the movie “Happy Gilmour,” which was shot here.

5. Go back to the past

The Historic Stewart Farm is a beautiful place where you can learn about how a pioneer family lived from 1880 to 1944. The gardens and farmland around the Victorian farmhouse are also very pretty.

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Learn what it was like to live on and run a farm a long time ago by going back in time. The people who work at this historic site will show you around in clothes from that time.

The Historic Stewart Farm can be seen at any time of the year, and there are activities and events there at certain times. It’s fun for the whole family and a good place to spend a few hours away from the busy city center.

6. Go for a walk in a garden

The Darts Hill Garden is a gardener’s dream, with thousands of plants from all over the world. The Darts family gave three hectares of land to the city as a gift for the garden.

The award-winning orchard has been growing for the past 70 years and is very beautiful. In April, May, June, and September, you can only go to the Darts Hill Garden on Saturdays.

Walk around the garden on its winding paths and enjoy its open meadows. Bring your camera, because you probably won’t see anything like this anywhere else in Surrey.

7. Ride a ferry

The Barnston Island ferry is a small boat that goes from Port Kells in Surrey to Barnston Island across the Parsons Channel. The ferry ride is only five minutes long and is free.

The ferry is a barge that can cross the channel with 52 people and five cars or trucks. It works when someone wants it to, so there is no set time. Just show up at the port and wait for it to leave.

The island is small and mostly made up of farms. There isn’t much to do there, but some of the farms are open to the public, which, along with the ferry ride, makes for a unique experience.

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8. Visit a vineyard

If you know a lot about wine, you shouldn’t miss the chance to go to a winery and try some of its best wines.

The Vinoscenti Vineyards is a great place to taste wine and take a tour of the vineyards and other beautiful areas near the winery.

9. Eat

You can’t just drink Surrey’s wine and not eat its food. And the city has a lot of wonderful places to eat.

The Old Surrey Restaurant has been run by the same family for the past two generations, making it something of a local landmark. The restaurant is in an old farm house, and the classic French food is just as good as the atmosphere.

There are also a lot of other good places to eat in Surrey, where you can get anything from Indian food to comfort foods like burgers and fries. There are some great places to eat in the city, no matter how much money you have or how much you want to spend.

10. Visit a historic fort

The old trading post of Fort Langley is in Langley, which is just east of Surrey. The fort was built in 1827 and is now a National Historic Site.

There are many old buildings on the property, such as the servants’ quarters, the Big House, and the blacksmith shop. The storehouse is the oldest building at Fort Langley. It was built in 1840.

It is now a museum that tells the story of the fur trade industry in Canada. It also has displays about the history of people moving into the area.

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