10 Best Things to Do in Windsor (Ontario, Canada)

Windsor is a medium-sized city on the Detroit River, right across from the American city of Detroit. It is a city full of history and culture, which can be seen everywhere thanks to its old buildings, modern towers, and people from all over the world.

Windsor (Ontario, Canada)
Windsor (Ontario, Canada)

Windsor’s economy depends a lot on tourism because it has so many great things to see and do. It also has some beautiful parks and green areas, a busy downtown, and some fun festivals. Here’s what you should do in Windsor:

1. Go to a casino and try your luck.

In the Detroit–Windsor area, there are four casinos, but Caesars Windsor is the only one in Windsor itself. Even if you don’t want to gamble, you can still enjoy the view of Detroit from the bar at the casino, which is right on the water.

The Roman Empire theme of the casino brings in more than six million people every year. Try your luck at the poker, blackjack, craps, or baccarat tables at Caesars Windsor, or put money into one of its many slot machines.

In addition to gambling, you can bet on sports games at the sports bar inside the casino. You can bet on any professional sports game as well as college basketball and football games in the United States.

2. Travel through time

Since Windsor has been around for so long, it shouldn’t be a surprise that it has a number of National Historic sites. Visit these well-known buildings to go back in time.

Willistead Manor is a Tudor-Jacobean style manor house that was designed by architect Albert Kahn. It is one of the most important historic sites in the city. The mansion is in the middle of a beautiful park and has a total of 36 rooms.

Francois Baby, a politician, built the Francois Baby House, which is now home to the Windsor Community Museum. The Sandwich First Baptist Church was started by people who escaped slavery using the Underground Railroad.

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3. Go for a bike ride

The Roy A. Battagello River Walk Bike Trail is a must if you love being outside and biking. The path starts at the Ambassador Bridge and goes for eight kilometers through the city.

The bike trail goes through downtown Windsor and many of its parks, like Dieppe Gardens and the Windsor Sculpture Park. It also connects to other trails, like the Russell Street Neighbourhood Trail and the La Salle Trail Network.

Along the Roy A. Battagello River Walk Bike Trail, there are five service stops where you can stop and rest, put air in your tires, or just look at the skyline and river. Parts of it also go along city’s main streets, but there are bike lanes there.

4. Check out art

Windsor is great because you can do this both inside and outside. On a nice day, you can take a slow walk through the 35 large sculptures in the Windsor Sculpture Park.

Go to the Art Gallery of Windsor if you’d rather stay inside. Since it was first opened in 1943, the gallery has grown a lot.

The gallery has one of the best collections of Canadian art in the country. There are also works by artists from other countries. Look at the art in both the permanent and temporary galleries as you walk around the gallery.

5. Go to a water park and splash around.

You can have fun splashing around the Adventure Bay Family Water Park on a hot day or a cool day. The more than 10,000-square-meter water park is open all year, but some parts are only open in the summer.

The waterpark has five water slides, a surfing simulator, a wave pool, and a lazy river that people of all ages can enjoy. There is also a dry area with a big three-level playground where kids can play.

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The Python is the park’s most exciting ride, while Tot Loch is best for young children. After playing in the water, you can take a break at the concession stand and get something to eat.

6. Take a walk through a garden

There are many beautiful gardens in Windsor that are great places to spend an afternoon. These are all over the city, but one of the best is in Coventry Gardens.

Coventry Gardens is a park that is 28,000 square meters and is right by the river. The park was built in 1931, and it has a number of old monuments.

Dieppe Gardens, with its beautiful flowers and grassy area, is another great place to walk around. There is a curved waterfall, a garden with steps, and a reflecting pool in the Bert Weeks Memorial Gardens.

7. Go to the beach.

Yes, Windsor does have a beach. It is in the northeast corner of the city, right at the mouth of the Detroit River.

The most popular beach in the area is Sandpoint Beach, also known as Stop 26. It is open from May 24 to September every year. The beach is next to a beautiful park that is a great place to relax, lay out in the sun, and have a picnic.

Spend a hot summer day windsurfing, boarding, swimming, or just walking along the Ganatchino Trail and enjoying the fresh air. There are also places to grill, volleyball courts, areas with trees for shade, and ice cream stands and other food stands.

8. Be a part of nature

There are parks, trails, and nature reserves all over the 350-hectare Ojibway Prairie Complex. It is a great place to visit if you want to be in the middle of nature.

The complex has five different areas, such as Ojibway Park, Black Oak Heritage Park, and the Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve. You can walk through the complex, take part in an educational program for a fee, or look at one of the exhibits.

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You might see lizards, turtles, frogs, bats, or even snakes as you look around the complex. It is also a great place to watch birds because there are so many of them living in the forests, prairies, and ponds.

9. Take a tour on foot

What started out as a French Parish is now a town with a long history and many faces. The Canadian Ford Motor Company is the center of the town of Ford City.

In the planned community, there are many examples of different types of architecture. Many of them were built by or for immigrants who came to work for the big car company. Take a walking tour of Ford City to learn more about this interesting part of the city.

Some of the most famous buildings in the neighborhood are the four Orthodox churches with Byzantine-style architecture and Edgemere, which was the home of Wallace Campbell. Many of the buildings also have murals that tell the story of Ford and of Ford City.

10. Enjoy a festival

Windsor is a city with a lot of culture, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it has a lot of festivals and events every year. Some of these are in Detroit, while others are only in Windsor.

The Windsor-Detroit International Freedom Festival, which is put on by the two cities, is the biggest of them all. The festival takes place on Canada Day (July 1) and the Fourth of July. It has one of the biggest fireworks shows in the world.

If you like music, you shouldn’t miss Bluesfest International Windsor in July. If you like movies, you shouldn’t miss the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival in June. In August, there is also the Windsor Emancipation Celebration Festival.

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