20 Best Things to Do in Canada

Canada is a fun country to explore because its history and people are as different as its landscape. There aren’t many places on Earth with as many amazing natural sights as Canada. From one coast to the other, each province has its own unique things to see. Whether it’s the pristine beauty of a northern … Read more

What does the symbols on the Ontario flag mean?

Ontario is in the east-central part of Canada. It has the most people and is the second-largest province by area. How the name came to be The Iroquois word “kanadario,” from which the word “Ontario” comes, means “sparkling water.” The name of the province is fitting, since one-fifth of its area is made up of … Read more

Sidney Crosby Biography

  Sidney Crosby is known as one of the most anticipated new players to lace up a pair of skates in years, he is believed by many to have innate talent comparable to that of Legendary Wayne Gretzky (also known as “The Great One”) and other NHL super stars, an assessment that has led to … Read more

Sidney Crosby Professional Awards and Achievements

Professional Awards and Achievements Sidney Crosby is already on his way to a great professional hockey career, below are some of the awards and achievements that he has won and obtained already through out his short hockey career. National Hockey League (NHL) Stanley Cup Championship (with Pittsburgh Penguins) – June 2009 Selected for the All-Star … Read more