What Should You Expect When Study In Madrid?

For obvious reasons, it can be hard to decide where to go to school for your degree. But if you’re looking for a place where you can grow professionally and add to your studies with a cultural experience you’ll never forget, Madrid may be a good choice.

The capital of Spain is known for having a wide range of languages, cultures, and opportunities. This makes it a great place for ambitious students who want to improve their education. Even though Madrid is a busy city with lots of people and things going on, students can rest assured that newcomers are welcome there.

Madrid has something for everyone, whether you want to take advantage of the many internships the city has to offer or just want to brush up on your Spanish.

If you decide to study in Madrid, here’s what you can expect:

A variety of languages and points of view

As soon as you get there, you’ll notice that people speak many different languages. One of the best universities in Madrid, IE University, has students from over 130 different countries. More than 75% of the students come from outside of Spain, which gives students a unique chance to build an international network.

You don’t have to be fluent in Spanish to study at IE University. Many programs are taught in English, which is great for people who want to improve their English without having to move to a country where English is spoken.

Students who want a rigorous academic program can take comfort in the fact that IE University’s professors come from all over the world and work in the real world. The way the university teaches is based on practice, which helps students get ready for careers as international professionals.

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Meeting a group of students who share your interests

Madrid is one of the most student-friendly cities in the world, so you’ll probably find a group of people who are just like you.

There are many different kinds of international students at IE University, and there are also more than 100 student clubs that cater to your interests. You can find something that interests you, whether you want to play sports, meet other people who like photography, or meet students from a certain part of the world.

Aryan Maksay, who got a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and International Relations, said, “Studying at IE is a truly unforgettable experience. I feel like I’m part of a big family, and making friends is so easy that I never feel lost, even though I’m an international student. There are always things to do and a lot of clubs to join.”

Exploring a place with a lot of history and culture

During a study break in Madrid, you could take a walk through Retiro Park or look at the buildings. World-famous museums like the Prado and the Reina Sofia are also in the capital. These museums have works by famous artists like Picasso, Goya, and Matisse. The variety of food is also a big plus. There is a bar for every 130 people in Spain, so you’ll never have to walk far to get a caa and a tapa.

People always say that the capital is one of the best places to study in Europe because there are so many cultural things to do and the cost of living is low. So, Madrid is your best bet if you want to study somewhere cheap and full of different things to do.

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Chances to get better at what you do

Madrid is a great place to grow your professional network and improve your career prospects. It is also home to some of Spain’s best universities. Tech giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft are based in the city, which is known as a center of technology and innovation. These companies are looking to hire the next generation of leaders.

The Talent & Careers team at IE University gives you many ways to reach your career goals, like talent forums where you can meet directly with recruiters from a certain industry. Other examples are assessment centers and interviews when companies come to campus to hire people for jobs or rotational programs.

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